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Ardennes (Belgian Heavy Draft) Horses: Horse Breed & Facts

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The Ardennes Horse, also known as the Belgian Heavy Draft, is a horse breed that originated in the Ardennes region of Belgium. They are considered a heavy draft horse and are used for pulling carts or wagons, plowing fields, and other agricultural purposes.

They are also popular for use in harness racing. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Ardennes Horse!

What Is An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

The Ardennes horse is a draft horse breed that comes from the Ardennes region in Belgium. The Ardennes is a very old breed, and it is thought to be one of the ancestors of the modern Belgian draught horse. The Ardennes was used in battle by the ancient Celts, and it was also used as a workhorse during the Middle Ages.

The Ardennes is a large horse, with males standing at least 16 hands high, and females standing at least 15 hands high. The coat of an Ardennes is usually chestnut or bay, but there are also some roan and gray horses. The head of an Ardennes is large and blocky, with small ears and kind eyes. The neck is thick and muscular, and the body is compact and powerful. The legs of an Ardennes are strong and thick, with good hooves.

The Ardennes is a gentle and intelligent horse, and it is easy to train. They are very strong horses, and they can work all day long without getting tired. Ardennes horses are also known for their sure-footedness, and they are not easily scared. This makes them ideal horses for beginners or children who want to learn to ride.

If you are looking for a large and gentle draft horse, then the Ardennes may be the right breed for you!

What Is The History of An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

The Ardennes horse is a Belgian draft horse that was developed in the Ardennes region of Belgium. The Ardennes is a rugged, hilly area with thick forests and harsh winters. The first Ardennes horses were bred to be workhorses that could haul heavy loads through the tough terrain and weather conditions.

Over time, the Ardennes horse evolved into a larger, stronger breed that was used for agricultural work and military purposes. During World War I, many Ardennes horses were drafted into service to carry supplies and troops across Europe. After the war, the demand for draft horses declined and the Ardennes breed was close to extinction.

Thankfully, a few dedicated breeders kept the Ardennes horse alive and today, the breed is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Ardennes horses are now used for a variety of purposes, including light agricultural work, riding, and even driving.

What Are The Different Types Of Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

There are three different types of Ardennes (Belgian Heavy Draft) horse: the Brabant, the Ardennais, and the Walloon. All three of these types are very similar in terms of appearance and size, but there are some subtle differences that make each one unique.

The Brabant is the largest and heaviest of the three types, weighing in at up to 2600 pounds. They are also the tallest, with some individuals standing over 18 hands high. The Brabant is known for being very muscular and powerful, making them ideal for work tasks that require a lot of strength.

The Ardennais is slightly smaller than the Brabant, but they make up for it with their agility and speed. They are also known for being very intelligent and trainable, making them a popular choice for many different types of work.

The Walloon is the smallest and lightest of the three types, weighing in at around 1800 pounds. They are not as tall as the other two types, but they are still fairly large horses. The Walloon is known for being very gentle and even-tempered, making them a good choice for people who want a calm and easy-going horse.

No matter which type of Ardennes (Belgian Heavy Draft) horse you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a strong, hardworking animal that will be a loyal companion for many years to come.

What Is A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Usually Used For?

The Ardennes Horse is a versatile workhorse, and is used for a variety of purposes including farming, forestry, and hauling. They are also sometimes used for pleasure riding and light cavalry duties.

What Country Does A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Originate From?

The Ardennes horse is a very old breed that originated in the Ardennes region of Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. The exact origins of the Ardennes are unknown, but it is thought to be a descendant of the Celtic pony. The Ardennes was used as a war horse by the Celts and was also popular with the Romans.

What Are The Significant Features of A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

When it comes to the Ardennes horse, there are a few key features that make this breed stand out. For starters, the Ardennes is a relatively large horse, averaging around 16 hands high. This sturdy breed is also known for its thick coat of hair, which helps protect them from the cold weather conditions in their native home of Belgium.

Ardennes horses are also known for being incredibly strong and hardworking animals. They were originally bred as draft horses, meaning they were used for tasks like pulling carts and plows. However, these days they are often used for riding and driving sports such as carriage driving.

What Is The Disposition of An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

The Ardennes, or Belgium Draft horse, is a massive and powerful workhorse. They are known for being very calm and even-tempered, making them excellent candidates for harness work. They are also very intelligent and have a gentle nature, which makes them easy to train.

How Tall Is An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

The average Ardennes (Belgian Draft) horse stands at about 16 hands, or 64 inches tall. However, some can be as tall as 18 hands, or 72 inches. They are also considered a very muscular breed, with some weighing in at over a ton.

How Much Does A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Weight?

The average Ardennes horse weighs between 1600 and 1800 pounds. They are a very large breed of horse, but they are also very agile for their size.

What Is The Diet Of An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

The Ardennes is a very versatile horse and can do well on a variety of different diets. They are known to be able to subsist on poor quality hay and grass, making them ideal for owners who cannot afford the best quality feed.

However, like all horses, the Ardennes will do best on a diet that is high in fibre and low in sugar.

This can be achieved by feeding them haylage or a good quality grass hay, as well as adding a small amount of oats or bran to their diet. Owner’s should also make sure that the Ardennes has access to fresh water at all times.

How Fast Can An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Run?

The average Ardennes horse can run at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. However, some horses have been known to reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

How Much Does A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Cost?

The average price of an Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse is between $1000 and $2000. However, there are some factors that can affect the price, such as the horse’s age, size, and training. For example, a younger horse will typically cost less than an older horse. A smaller horse will also usually cost less than a larger horse.

And a horse that has had more training will typically cost more than a horse that hasn’t had as much training.

So, if you’re looking to buy an Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse, be sure to keep these factors in mind when considering the price.

However, before you purchase an Ardennes horse, there are a few things you should know about them. Here are five things to keep in mind:

Ardennes horses are known for being strong and hardy. They are a very versatile breed, however, they do require more care than some other horse breeds.

Ardennes horses are not recommended for beginners. They can be challenging to handle and require an experienced rider.

Ardennes horses need plenty of exercise. They should be worked regularly and given ample space to roam.

Where Can You Buy A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse From?

There are a few Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse breeders in the United States. You can find them in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. You can also find Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horses for sale in Canada and Europe.

What Diseases And Illnesses Does A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Commonly Suffer From?

The Ardennes is a relatively healthy breed of horse, but like all horses, they are susceptible to some diseases and illnesses. The most common health problems that Ardennes horses suffer from include colic, laminitis, and respiratory problems.

Colic is one of the most common health problems in horses, and the Ardennes is no exception. Colic is a general term used to describe any abdominal pain in horses.

It can be caused by a variety of things, such as gas build-up, constipation, or even gastric ulcers.

If your horse shows signs of colic (e.g., pawing at the ground, looking at its flank), it’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Laminitis is another common health problem in Ardennes horses. Laminitis is a condition that affects the feet, and it can be extremely painful for horses.

It is often caused by eating too much rich grass, but it can also be caused by infection or injury. If your horse shows signs of laminitis (e.g., limping, unwillingness to move), it’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Respiratory problems are also common in Ardennes horses. This is because the Ardennes has a large head and neck, which can make it difficult for them to breathe properly.

Respiratory problems can be caused by a variety of things, such as allergies, infections, or even exercise intolerance.

How Long Does A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse Usually Live For?

The Ardennes (Belgian Draft) horse usually lives for between 15 and 20 years. However, some individual Ardennes have been known to live into their 30s. The oldest recorded Ardennes was a gelding named “Coupeau”, who lived to the age of 34.

What Coat Colors Do Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horses Come In?

The Ardennes is a Belgian heavy draft horse that comes in a variety of colors, the most common being chestnut. Other colors include black, bay, gray, roan, and dun. The coat of an Ardennes is thick and dense to protect against the cold winters in Belgium. The mane and tail are also thick and long.

When Is The Mating Season For An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

The Ardennes (Belgium Draft) horse’s mating season is from late February to early May. This is when the stallions will start to show interest in the mares, and will start to follow them around. The mares will also start to show their interest by urinating more frequently and making sounds that are similar to a bleat.

If you are thinking about breeding your Ardennes (Belgium Draft) horse, it is best to do so during this time. This is because the foals will be born during the spring and summer, when the weather is milder and there is more food available for them. It is also easier to find a good stallion during the mating season, as they will be more active and willing to mate.

If you are not planning on breeding your Ardennes (Belgium Draft) horse, it is still important to have them checked by a vet during the mating season. This is because they will be more prone to contracting diseases during this time.

What Are Some Other Names For Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horses?

Other names for Ardennes (Belgium Draft) horses include the Belgian Heavy Draft, the Ardennais, and the Walloon. The Ardennes is a powerful horse that was originally bred in Belgium and France for agricultural work. However, they are now also used for riding and driving.

What Are Some Tips For Looking After An Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

Here are some essential tips for looking after an Ardennes (Belgian Draft) horse:

  • The Ardennes is a very robust breed, however they are prone to suffer from laminitis. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy weight and keep them on a balanced diet.
  • They also require regular exercise and turnout to stay healthy and happy.
  • The Ardennes is known for being a very gentle giant, however they can be stubborn at times. It is therefore important to start training them from a young age.
  • As with all horses, regular hoof care is essential to maintain their health and wellbeing.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your Ardennes (Belgian Draft) horse stays healthy and happy for many years to come.

What Are Some Alternative Breeds to A Ardennes (Belgium Draft) Horse?

There are a few other breeds that are similar to the Ardennes.

The Brabant is one, and is actually the original draft horse of Belgium. They were used in warfare by knights, and later became farm horses.

Another breed is the Dutch Heavy Draft, which was developed in the Netherlands in the 19th century. These horses were bred for pulling heavy loads, such as carts and wagons. They are still used today for this purpose, as well as for riding and driving.

Lastly, there is the German Heavy Draft, which was created in Germany during the same time period.

These horses are also used for work purposes, but are also popular for riding and driving. All of these breeds share many similarities with the Ardennes, such as their size, strength, and abilities. However, each breed has its own unique history and characteristics.


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